An Introduction to Cleaning Micro-Suede Car Upholstery

Innovative materials are periodically introduced for top-of-the-line vehicles, but often they end up being standard after a certain amount of time.  Micro-suede is one of these materials.  These days you will find that micro-suede is being used a lot more on the insides of vehicles as a more high-tech solution to leather. One of the reasons that it is spreading and being more widely used is for the fact that it is more durable than just suede alone. It is also more stain resistant, but it has downfalls as well. This is because it can be a pretty delicate material and has to be properly maintained in order to be kept in good condition.

Many cleaning products are unsuitable to be used on microfiber suedes, and a lot of people think water might do the job.  Using water alone to clean generally doesn’t work.  You do not want to use something a lot stronger than water, however.  Strong chemicals can actually hurt the micro-suede, so going for a milder cleaner is essential. Always go with a cleaner that was specifically made to clean microfiber suedes to ensure that you do not ruin the material.

Microfibers require special care; if you’ve got questions on how to protect the micro-suede upholstery in your vehicle from stains, give Skip Chips a call to see if Scotchgard upholstery treatment could be the right protection for your car.