Choose Clearshield for the Best in MN Car Paint Protection Film


SkipChips serves the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul area, offering professional, 3M-certified installation of Scotchgard clearshield products. Keep your vehicle looking good for years; protect it damage to its exterior finish with 3M Scotchgard paint protection film. SkipChips also installs Scotchgard fabric and carpet protectants.

BMW i8 – The "Mission Impossible" Car Will Soon Be Available for A Radical Real World Driving Experience


BMW will soon be introducing the i8. A souped-up version of this car was used in the new “Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol” movie. Obviously some of the high-tech features enjoyed by Tom Cruise won’t be included, but the new BMW promises to be a supercar nonetheless. Minneapolis BMW owners can protect their new cars with 3M paint protection film from SkipChips.

Toyota Announces New Prius Models for 2012


Despite a sluggish auto industry, the Toyota Prius remains very popular with environmentally-conscious drivers who are looking for a fuel-efficient, high-quality automobile.  The Prius was the first mass-produced hybrid vehicle, and since its worldwide introduction in 2001, over one million Prius autos have been purchased by American drivers.  The Prius …