Boat Detailing Done Right

You may have your boat in storage, but it’s not too early to think about getting it ready for the warm weather.  Many people enjoy their time out on the water, and like car owners, smart boat owners take good care of their boats, so they can enjoy that time as much as possible. Boats need to be regularly detailed to keep their appearance and finish, just like vehicles do.  When you’re shopping for a detailer, address the following issues before you commit to sending your boat to them. Portfolio Before you make any final decisions, ask them if they have a portfolio of past work to show you. These pictures will show what kind of work they do and help back up their level of quality.  Asking for testimonials or references is also helpful. Cleaning Materials Although boats and cars have some similarities, they’re still made from different materials than cars. Find out if your detailers are using the proper boat cleaning materials is of great importance. If the wrong cleaners are used, more damage can be done than good. Saltwater or Freshwater Since different locations have a prevalence of either saltwater freshwater, it’s important to ask you detailer if they specialize in either one. Because the different types of water have varying effects on the boats, the boats will need to be treated differently. Brightwork Care It’s important that the metal and varnished parts of your boat are cared for properly, because improper care can shorten their lifespan. Asking about the treatment the detailers use on this brightwork will help you choose the best detailer available. Gel Coat Protection Your boat’s gel coat is what protects it from outside conditions. Many detailers simply polish the gel coat to a high shine with wax. However, others prefer to use the more expensive sealant option. The important thing to remember is that sealant lasts much longer than wax. Often it will last through the entire boating season because a sealant is resistant to UV rays. Scratch Repair Scratches happen to almost everybody. Always ask the detailer how they intend to correct any damage done to the gel coat. Usually, it’s best to use the same type of material used originally on the boat.  Just as with vehicles, small chips can eventually result in further damage unless repaired quickly. Also ask about how they treat canvas and the interior of your boat as well. Finding the right detailer can help keep recreational activity carefree, without worry about damage done during the course of maintenance. Contact SkipChips today. Not in the Minneapolis metro area?  Schedule SkipChips to come to you.