Built-In Wi Fi Hot Spots Coming From GM

The availability of in-car internet access has just expanded, with the recent announcement by GM of its intent to offer 4G LTE service in most of its auto products by 2015.  Some models could see it as early as next year.  GM will partner with AT&T to provide mobile broadband coverage.  Some car manufacturers currently offer 3G capability, but 4G is up to 10 times faster.  For your back seat passengers who love to live stream video, that’s great news, especially for parents taking kids on long road trips.  Simultaneous voice and data capability is part of the package.   For drivers, real-time traffic and weather updates can enhance safety and convenience. While auto technology seems to be taking giant leaps ahead at every turn, some things stay the same, and that’s the need to protect your vehicle and take good care of it to preserve its resale value.  4G LTE capability won’t matter much if your car has lost its looks prematurely.  That’s why we recommend vehicle protectants from 3M – take good care of your car inside and out with things such as clear auto bra and Scotchgard carpet and upholstery treatment.  That way your car will keep its great looks while you’re enjoying terrific mobile broadband coverage.   Contact SkipChips today. Not in the Minneapolis metro area?  Schedule SkipChips to come to you.