Paint Chips Making Your Car's Finish Look Shabby? Spot-Chip Repair Is the Answer

You do everything you can to protect your car and keep it looking and running good.  Regularly-scheduled maintenance, frequent trips through the car wash (including detailing), and it’s still looking old before its time.  You still enjoy driving your car, but it doesn’t look as good as when you got it.  And if you’re thinking about trading it, in terms of resale value, often a car’s appearance is as important to a potential buyer as how the engine runs.  Driving on Minneapolis area roads can be hazardous to your car’s exterior finish.  Sand, gravel, and other flying road debris can cause small chips in the paint, and if left untreated, those chips may catch other debris, enlarging the chips.  And those chips, no matter how small, mar that beautiful clear finish.

So what’s the answer?  Minor chips don’t seem to justify a complete (and expensive) repaint, and besides, as soon as you take that car out on the road, those chips are just going to reappear.  SkipChips of Minneapolis has the solution – both repair and prevention.  SkipChips has 3M-trained technicians that use a unique multi-step spot technique to repair small chips, and they offer 3M’s clear auto bra to protect your car’s most vulnerable areas once finish has been renewed.  Repaired chip areas are undetectible, and so is the Scotchgard premium paint protection film.  This virtually invisible chip and stone guard is applied to your car’s hood, bumper, mirrors and door edges (the most likely areas to chip or scratch).  You have the option of either installation by SkipChips’ professional technicians, or you can order a custom kit to apply it yourself.  Either way, you have the protection of an aftermarket auto products industry leader like 3M.

If those small chips are bothering you, contact SkipChips today to schedule a spot-chip repair, and then talk to the car protection pros about a 3M clear auto bra installation or do-it-yourself kit.  Each paint protection film package is  cut using computer templates specific to your car’s make and model.  You’ll be getting the custom protection your particular car needs to keep its good looks.  Call SkipChips at (952) 401-4547 and get rid of those chips and keep them from coming back.