Choose Xpel Paint Protection Film Installation in Minneapolis for the Ultimate in Vehicle Care

How do you keep your car’s finish in the best shape?  Paint protection film and clear auto bra products are a great choice. When the time comes to choose a film that is going to protect your car’s paint from scratches and chips then you do not want to choose just any brand out there, you want the best there is. The Xpel Ultimate Paint Protection Film is one that is going to provide you with the quality that you want. There is so much that comes with this ultimate protection wrap that if you’re looking for the best for your car, the choice is easy.

Xpel Paint Protection Film Has the Smoothest Top Coat

This is as clear as film gets and you do not have to worry about the “orange peel” effect, so you will not notice the film on the car. You will have to look closely to rub down any edges that you find peeling up after installation since it is that clear.

Xpel Comes with a Ten-Year Warranty

They protect against any yellowing that might occur, as well as many other defects that you might face. They are confident with the product that they make, they will stand behind it.

Xpel Film is Self-Healing

All the scratches, spiderwebs and swirls that occur on the film will be able to heal themselves. This is totally unique to this type of film. Do not sweat any small stuff that happens since the film takes care of it itself.

Expect Superior Stain Resistance with Xpel Film

Nothing will stain the outside of this film – bird poop, road tar, salt, sap and even hot rubber will all wipe right off since the film is made with low surface energy.

Professional Installation of Xpel Now Available in Minneapolis

oct1029d4The paint protection film company creates all of their templates right in house and they operate their own installation facility in San Antonio, Texas. However, for those of you in the Minneapolis area, getting Xpel installed is as easy as calling SkipChips.  The film is put on all of the leading edges of the vehicle, but you’re able to get extra protection anywhere else that you’d like. A full wrap will cover the whole car and take care of any worries that you might have for the life of the vehicle. You might have to pay a little more for the Xpel Ultimate wrap, but it can be worth it so you do not have to worry about the small stuff, scratches or yellowing.

The film is able to pay for itself when you have it professionally installed. It is definitely one of those things that can make a difference for your car in protecting it from driving on twin Cities roads. Speak with us at SkipChips to find out more about installation of this product on your vehicle. Be ready for the harsh Minnesota winter that is coming up on us.