Clean Tires and Wheels – Top 5 Tire Dressing Products

Clean tires and wheels are important to optimizing the life of the vehicle, plus they put a final touch on the sleek look of a car. When they’re well maintained, the overall function of the car will remain smooth and efficient.

Zaino Z-16
Only one application of this affordably priced shine will last through rain and a few car washes. Nor will it come off the tires as the car is driven. Its formula prevents drying, browning and cracking through integration of antistatic and moisturizing solutions. The satin finish will dry to the touch and be just a little glossy, but still act as a powerful water repellent.

Ultima Tire & Trim Guard Plus
Concentrated but easy to use, this product gives tires and trim a deep, great looking shine. When applied by sponge or foam applicator, it only takes a little to do the full job.

Poorboy’s Bold N Bright
Water based, this shine cleans and protects the tire, feels dry to the after application. You’re left with rich, black tires that are as clean as they look.

Black Magic
If this mistakenly gets on the wheel, it’s easily washed off when caught right away, because it’s another water based dressing. This extremely durable product will leave a matte gloss with no shine at all.

Tuff Shine
A nice thing about this product is that once it’s applied, it lasts 2 to 3 months after each application. There’s no need for future heavy cleanings after the first application. Once silicon is eventually worked out of the tire, all that’s needed to add it back is another simple application of shine.

In addition to dressings, tires and wheels need tire cleaner, wheel polish, and wheel cleaner to stay in good shape.  Car maintenance can be a difficult, expensive process to keep up with, but keeping the car in good shape from the start will save on big ticket repairs down the road.  SkipChips is the Minneapolis area’s certified dealer for 3M Scotchgard protective products. 

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