Diamon-Fusion – A Windshield Treatment That Can Actually Make Your Vehicle Safer to Drive

Run your fingers over your windshield when it’s clean.  It feels really smooth, doesn’t it?   Touch and looks can be deceiving, because on a microscopic level that glass is filled with pits and pores that can collect dirt, grime, and insects.  And those irregularities in the glass can cause a prism effect when light hits it, impairing your vision.  You do you best to keep it clean, but there’s only so much you can do.  What if there was a product available that could actually improve your windshield by evening out all of those peaks and valleys, filling in those microscopic indentations?  Today there is – Diamon Fusion windshield treatment. This unique and patented product not only helps your windshield resist scratching and clouding, it also makes water and other liquids bead up.  Clean-up is a breeze, and your windshield glass is actually made stronger (up to 10 times the strength) once it is applied.  Don’t just take our word for it – this helpful informational video describes the installation process as well as demonstrating the  benefits. SkipChips installs Diamon-Fusion windshield protectant, along with other protective  vehicle products such as 3M Scotchgard and clear auto bra.  We also provide spot-chip paint repairs using a unique process developed by 3M. Contact SkipChips today. Not in the Minneapolis metro area?  Schedule SkipChips to come to you.