Increase Your Visibility and Response Time 24/7 With A Diamon Fusion© Windshield Treatment

Driving in the rain at night is one of the more difficult times to see, but believe it or not driving during the day in perfect weather your vision can be blurred with out you even knowing it. They say what you can’t see won’t hurt you. Not so with your windshield, all cars whether they are luxury cars or the lowest cost vehicle have windshields that are full of pits and raised areas that can cause blurred vision.

Does that apply to your car only if you are able to see them? No, all windshields even though they look smooth and clear have pits and raised areas. The resulting effect is that they catch debris, trap sand and dirt causing chips, cracks and etchings. Plus, windshields take a beating out on the road as road debris is thrown at them from all directions. When low light conditions or during wet rainy driving your windshield can act scatter light as it acts like a prism as a result. Or you can get night glare also.

The answer to solving these problems is a new product applied by MN SkipChips, the Minneapolis area’s paint protection film experts. Diamon-Fusion© windshield treatment is a completely invisible product that bonds with your windshield glass. It saves you time as it makes windshield maintenance easier because insects, bird droppings wash off simply, water beads up, and ice and snow are easily removed. It makes you and your passengers safer as it prevents etching, clouding and eliminates the prism effect and minimizes night glare. Diamon-Fusion© when applied smooths out the peaks and valleys, providing a completely smooth surface that will improve your visibility and reaction time.

Increasing your visibility and  improving your response time  with a Diamon-Fusion© treated windshield. Call SkipChips, the MN paint protection company at 952-401-4547  serving the greater Minneapolis and St. Paul metro areas for your car protection needs including car paint chip repair, clear bras, paint protection film ,and Scotchgard interior and exterior protection.