MN Paint Protection Film Installer | SkipChips

Jim Ganfield

In 2012 I was looking to make a change after more than a decade of mechanical work in the recreational boating industry. I began my career with SkipChip’s in March 2012 and found many of the skills I used to repair watercraft transferred well to installing paint protection film. Analyzing, troubleshooting and diagnostic skills are all used in quality film installation.

After working as an installer for SkipChips providing installations to several automotive dealership partners, I accepted a sales position with one of those same dealer partners. I maintained installing SkipChip’s but was also learning the retail sales side of the automotive business including sales, finance, business development and consumer relations.

In 2014 I returned to SkipChip’s armed with a more comprehensive knowledge of the retail auto industry ready to continue as a professional installer and installation and sales instructor with our partner dealers across the country. I ardently believe in the product and enjoy assisting customers with protecting their new vehicle.