Minnesota Paint Protection Film Installer | SkipChips

Sam Teng

I started installing paint protection film at Lexus of Wayzata in 2004. Back then, PPF was a very different product. It was difficult to work with and only small areas of the vehicle were covered. As time went on and my skills improved, Northland Resources and myself began to change how PPF was being approached. We began working with the film producers to improve the raw material and in turn, we were able to dramatically change the quality and amount of coverage being provided. I pride myself on being a leader in the advancement of PPF installation techniques. I enjoy our customers’ positive reactions to the quality of our finished product. Like many of our other installers, I cross train in all areas of our business and I specialize in expert level installer training for those in the industry who look to take their skills to an elite level. I love what I do and I take pride in my job.