FAQs: Removal and Warranty of Scotchgard 3M Paint Protection Film

If you’re considering having a 3M clear auto bra product installed (Scotchgard premium paint protection film), you may have questions about its warranty and removal.  Here are the most common things we’re asked.

Q: If the film is removed from my vehicle, will it ruin the paint?

A: No, when the film is removed it will not pull up any of the paint as long as there is a gloss and finish on the paint job of the vehicle and it was fully cured prior to putting the film on it.

Q: How is the film removed?

A: The film should only be removed by a 3M-certified installer. The removal method involves grabbing a corner and pulling the film up at a 90° angle. If the film has been on for a long time, a blow dryer or heat gun might be needed to warm up the adhesive on the other side in order to remove it.

Q: There is still adhesive on my vehicle once the film was removed; how can I get it off?

A: You can use the 3M adhesive remover in order to remove any residue that was left behind from the film.

Q: Can I re-use the film once it has been removed?

A: No, the film is only to be used once. The adhesive will not be able to stick a second time.

Q: What is the warranty that comes with the film?

A: The Warranty lasts for five years and states that the film will be free from defects, bubbling, scratches, etc. unless they come about because of misuse or maltreatment of the product. If the film was installed by someone other than a certified installer, the warranty is void.

Q: What is a certified installer?

A: Someone that has gone through the evaluation, written tests, and other tests to deem worthy and competent to apply the 3M film to the vehicle correctly.

Q: How do I make a warranty claim?

A: When you have the Scotchgard clear auto bra product professionally installed, you will be given a card with the information on it. If you need to make a claim, you can follow the information on the card and call the number. From there, they can direct you to who you need to talk to in order to get your claim settled.

Skip Chips is a certified 3M paint protection film installer. They are able to answer any other questions that you have regarding this product, whether you’ve already had it installed or are thinking about having it applied to protect your car.