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What are the most important factors when choosing paint protection film?

1. Know who you’re dealing with
SkipChips does more installs annually than our next 10 competitors combined. In the world of paint protection film installation, experience matters.

2. Know what is being installed on your vehicle
There are a multitude of paint protection films on the market. Everything from super premium films to low grade utilitarian options. We’ll walk you through all your film options and let you choose the one that best fits your needs.

3. Again, know what is being installed on your vehicle
SkipChips is the only company in Minnesota designing its own PPF patterns. This ensures great fit, finish and protection all while providing a custom look. The quality of the pattern is as important as the installers' skill level and the film you choose.

4. Know how the product is being installed on your vehicle
Many installers use razor blades and x-acto knives to cut the PPF while its ON YOUR CAR! The whole idea of PPF is to protect your paint, not destroy it with knives and razor blades. Our custom kit designs eliminate the need for cutting by focusing on exact fit.

5. Know the warranty
Each film manufacturer has there own specific warranty. Make sure you know what it is and wether the warranty being offered is from the film manufacturer or the installation facility itself. This could become very important as time goes by or you end up moving to a different region of the country. SkipChips can cover you anywhere in the country.

Can the Xpel or 3M paint protection film be applied to anything other than vehicles?

Yes, we have done a number of custom installations for boats, motorcycles and RVs. We would be happy to create a custom solution for you.

Does the Xpel or 3M paint protection film require special care?

No, the film can be treated just as any other surface on your vehicle.

How much time is required for installation?

A standard installation can be completed in about 1-4 hours, but time can vary depending on the vehicle make, model and amount of coverage selected.

How long does the film take to set/cure?

Paint protection starts immediately, but the film can take 2-10 days to fully adhere to your vehicle. The time will vary depending on weather, and temperature. The only limitation during this time period is no washing of the vehicle.

Are there any chemicals used during the installation process that could harm my vehicle or the environment?

No, the only solutions used during installation are standard rubbing alcohol, baby shampoo, and tap water.

Where can I receive warranty coverage for my film?

Any SkipChip installation center can provide warranty service. Warranty claims can be handled by any certified installer or service outlet nationwide.

Will my insurance company cover replacement of the film if I’m in an accident and vehicle repair is required?

Most major insurance carriers are reimbursing clients for film and the labor reinstall. We suggest that you check with your provider to be sure.

How do you create different film designs?

SkipChip engineers use CAD technology to design each car kit individually. It is a time consuming process, but the detail and quality creates a better finished product.

My car isn’t brand new, can I still get the protective film?

Yes, brand new cars present less challenges because they have little to no current damage, but paint protection film can be applied to any vehicle.

Can the film be removed?

Yes. In the event the film needs to be removed, contact us and we'll arrange to have it removed for you. While the process isn't difficult, it's something most people want to deal with.

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