Get Your Motorcycle Ready for Winter – The Right Way

If you’ve got a motorcycle, the approaching cold weather season has probably got you longing for spring so you can be out enjoying the road.  But meanwhile it’s just about time to put that bike away for the winter.  In order to keep your cycle running well and looking good, that means a lot more than just parking it in a covered spot until spring.  Here are some steps you should take to make sure your bike is really ready for winter.  A few important steps of taking care of it now will mean it will be just about ride-ready when the warm weather hits.  Here are some things you should do:

– Gas it up.  A full tank of gas with the addition of a fuel stabilizer will help prevent moisture build-up and keep the fuel from turning to gunk as it sits.

Give it a good cleaning.  You’ve probably picked up grime, grease, oil, and tar, not to mention plain old dirt and dust.  A thorough cleaning will remove most of the effects of the road.  And don’t skip the detailing.   Once your bike is clean, you’ll be better able to see if it needs other attention.

Eye it for damage. Then if repairs are needed, have them done before storing the bike.  Scratched paint left to sit all winter may mean rust in the spring.  And if you’ve got some dents, chances are there are scratches in that area as well.

– Change the oil – and don’t forget to do the filter, too.  Dirty oil left to sit all winter can become acidic, which can result in corrosion.  It’s best to drain the old oil and replace it along with the filter before storing your cycle.

Lubricate, lubricate, lubricate.  Once your bike is clean, add lubricant to all moving parts, including the chain drive, clutch cables, and shifter.  Don’t forget the kickstand and the foot pegs.

– Tire inflation.  Since your bike will sit all winter, you want to make sure the tires are fully inflated so that they can stand up to the weight.  Ideally you should put it in a stand specifically designed for motorcycles.  If you don’t have one, the second-best solution is to place a wooden board under the tires to prevent cracks.  It’s also a good idea to periodically go out to the garage and put it in a different position.

Take out the battery.  Recommended storage is in a heated area, so if your garage isn’t heated, bring the battery inside.

Taking care of all of your vehicles – from motorcycles to trucks to sports cars – will help them run longer and look better.  SkipChips offers vehicle protection products including 3M clear auto bra to Minneapolis area drivers. 

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