There's A Lot Behind the Paint on General Motors Autos – Preserve It With 3M Clear Auto Bra

When you look at the beautiful finish on General Motors cars, all you see is vibrant color, not what’s behind it.  Every year General Motors introduces 22 colors for its various vehicle lines, and those colors represent over two years of development time and an approximate cost of $250,000 per hue.  They have to get it right, or candy-apple reds can fade to sickly pink or turn muddy.

Ever wonder why those cars look so glossy and spectacular in the showroom and then so different when you get them on the road?  General Motors uses a multi-step painting process for its vehicles, first laying down the base color, then applying a layer of either metal flakes or glass beads, and then finishing it all up with a durable clear coat.  While all that spells an awesome color on a new car, it can also spell trouble on the road.

By the way, don’t expect your new car to look like it did at the auto show – manufacturers use special color-enhancing dyes to perk up colors for those shows, but unfortunately UV rays cause those colors to fade within a few months.  And that showroom-new paint job?  A few trips down Minneapolis area roads and you’ll have miniscule scratches and chips from sand, gravel, road debris, etc.  Due to the multi-level paint coat, those tiny scratches and chips can cause your car’s finish to look dull and lacklustre quickly.

The bulk of the damage is to your car’s hood and front end, but there is a solution.   As soon as you pick up your new General Motors car, schedule an installation of 3M premium paint protection film with SkipChips of Minneapolis.  This clear auto bra product shields the sensitive areas of your car (hood, bumpers, mirrors and door edges), and keeps that paint looking showroom beautiful for up to seven years.  If you’re a fan of doing your own car projects, perhaps you’d prefer to order a custom-cut do-it-yourself kit and apply this clearshield stone guard yourself.  Either way, your car’s superb paint finish is protected.

SkipChips is only one of a handful of business development and training centers for the application of 3M Scotchgard paint protection film.  All of our technicians are 3M-certified, and we also offer spot chip paint repair, 3M Scotchgard interior protectants, and Diamon Fusion windshield treatment. 

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