How Much Does it Cost to Paint a Car?

Is your car’s finish marred by small chips and scratches?  You may have considered having it painted to restore its good looks.  Keep in mind that repainting an entire car (or even a section of it) is a big job and can involve a major expense.  If you only need a spot or panel painted than it is going to cost less than having the entire car painted.  Then there are the options:  you might want premium paint on your car with a lot of top coats, which also increases the price. If you’re trying to save money, price shop and avoid extras which jack up the price.

Best Price to Pay

The cost of paint for a car varies widely from anywhere in the $300’s to the low thousands. If there is paint on one door that doesn’t match the rest of the car and just the door needs to be re-done, this is a low price to pay compared to painting the entire car a new color. The cost to paint the whole vehicle also varies depending on the size of the car, type of paint, and the company that you hire to paint it. Often the larger the company, the less they will charge. Smaller companies can’t match the big guys in terms of material purchasing power.

Changing Colors

If you want to change from one color to a totally new one, then always expect that the price is going to be somewhat high, because switching colors is a more involved process.  To change the color of your car may runs anywhere in the $2,000’s to the $6,000’s depending on the car that you have.

Choosing Auto Paint

Since there is a lot to choose from, the one that you choose can change the price you pay to paint your car drastically. When painting the whole vehicle it takes a base and top coat and then the color coat in between. This also means that you get to choose from standard paints to the premium paints. You might also be confronted with sealants, additional coats, other color coats, or other choices. If  the paint job is done right, though, you shouldn’t need any of these extras. There is a lot that can damage a car’s paint job, so you’ll want to ask about a warranty for in case the paint fades or chips too soon.

Spot Painting

If there are smaller sized scratches and chips, throughout the paint job of your vehicle then you might want to think about just getting touch-up paint put on. This is because it can still look just as good and you do not have to paint over the entire spot. This is more cost effective as well.

Or Consider Another Option to Car Repainting

If what you’re dealing with is small chips and scratches, SkipChips offers a unique process developed by 3M to color-match auto paint and repair chips in very small sections.   We use factory-matched paints as well as multi-layer coatings – including a clearcoat finish – for a spot repair that’s virtually undetectable.  It’s quicker and more economical than a repainting job, even just a partial section.

If you’ve got questions about our spot paint chip repair process or any of our other vehicle protection products for Minnesota drivers, please give us a call.  Our technicians are all 3M certified, so you know your vehicle will be in good hands.