How Often Should My Car Engine Be Cleaned?

Cleaning your car’s engine should be something that is done to prevent hazards from entering the environment.  Keeping it clean also helps it to run better and last longer. Engines build up a lot of dirt and debris. However, a lot of people do not think about cleaning the engine.  Many drivers don’t know much about the engine itself and may not want to harm anything within it. It is the most expensive part of the vehicle, and it’s what it needs to run.  For the vehicle to perform at its best, the engine should be cleaned and detailed periodically.  How often should this be done?  In order to evaluate that for your particular vehicle, think about the environment around you and what factors come into play when you’re driving.

How the Environment Affects the Engine

If the environment you drive in has a low amount of dirt, dust, pollution, and snow, then you may not have to do much to keep your engine clean. One or two cleanings annually could take care of the build-up. Wiping the engine down every so often in between cleanings might be necessary. If the environment is a harsh one with a lot of snow, dirt, dust, debris, and build-up, then detailed cleaning should be done more frequently – perhaps every three months – to remove all of the build-up that may accumulate throughout each season.

Do Not Use Your Garden Hose to Clean Your Engine

A hose is the first thing to grab for when washing the vehicle, but it shouldn’t be used under the hood of your vehicle. Do the eye test to find out if you need to have a good detailing done to the inside of the engine.

Looks for blocks and build-up in the PCV valve (this controls engine ventilation).  A blocked PCV valve can create leaks; replace the valve and then have the system steam cleaned.

– Once you replace any type of components that keep fluids in (such as gaskets or valves), you should have the engine steam cleaned. It can remove previous build-up and allow the new components to work effectively.

Extend the life of your vehicle, allow it to run more effectively, and save money when you choose to have the proper steam cleaning procedures done regularly for powerhouse of your vehicle.

Keeping your engine clean is just one more way to protect your car’s value and keep it running well.  At SkipChips we’re committed to helping Minneapolis drivers take good care of their vehicles.  We can install interior and exterior protective products, but keeping your car looking good and running well is up to you!