How Should I Clean My Glass Windshield?


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Winter’s on its way in Minneapolis, and that means slush and snow and road gunk can mess up your windshield glass.  It is important to always be able to see while you’re driving in your vehicle, so keeping it clean is extremely important. Learning to clean a glass windshield takes a bit more than spraying anything and wiping it away with anything. Find out how you can make your windshield crystal clear with a few simple steps. See better while driving in no time by using the right method.  

The Right Way to Clean a Windshield

  1. Choose the right cleaner for the windshield. You have numerous options and one might be a preferred solution over another. Try to stay away from any ammonia solutions since this is harmful to the vehicle and to your health.
  2. Wash the windshield with just water before you decide to wash with a solution. You do not need to scrub very hard, but only move back and forth horizontally or vertically.
  3. Add the cleaner to a clean microfiber cloth and pay attention to the little details since these will matter later on. You will want to move back and forth and pick up any of the dirt and grime you come across.
  4. Allow the windshield to dry thoroughly before you decide to go out and run any errands.
  5. Prevent the windshield from ever getting dirty by making sure to replace the wipers on time and always keep up on the windshield washer fluids. You can also consider having a windshield treatment such as Diamon-Fusion® professionally applied to help keep it clean.

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