How to Save Money at the Pump

While we can’t help you save on gas, we’re interested in helping drivers take good care of their cars.  Keeping on top of gas mileage is part of that care.  Minneapolis was hit hard by the increase in gas prices this year, and drivers have been heavily influenced throughout the metro. Fortunately, these tips will help you save money at the pump, and keep your car in great working order.

Maintenance Matters
Protecting your windshield from chips is a small step towards keeping your car in safe, efficient shape, but these regular maintenance tips are what really save on gas mileage.

  • Proper tuning will increase your gas mileage by 4%.
  • Keeping your tires increase will add 3% to gas mileage.
  • Getting rid of clogged and dirty air filters improves it by 14%.
  • Replacing old spark plugs will give you 2 more miles per gallon.
  • Add another mile per gallon by keeping up with regular oil changes.

A tiny detail that’s easily missed is the gas cap. One that’s damaged, loose or not there allows gas to evaporate. Although it may seem like a lot of work on the surface, when you get in the habit of regularly checking and caring for your car, doing it will become second nature. Your car will run better and you’ll be using less gas, to boot.

Driving Tips
If you’re already taking the above, changing your driving habits can further cut down on gas usage. Things like staying within the speed limit, staying away from abrupt stops or starts, consolidating trips and avoiding unnecessary idling will cut down on trips to the gas station. Getting rid of extra weight in the trunk also helps. Just like with maintenance, once you get used to good driving habits, you won’t even notice you’re doing them after a while.

As long as we need our cars to get around, there’s no avoiding trips to the gas station, but with proper vehicle maintenance and conscience driving, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience.