Insects Splattering Your Car? Don't Let It Bug You – Get 3M Clear Auto Bra

Spring in the Twin Cities brings sunshine, flowers…and insects.  If you drive around the metro area, you’re going to end up with dead bugs all over your windshield and your car hood and front bumper.  Bug debris is often difficult to remove, and may require using chemicals or abrasive scrubbers to get rid of.  Cleaning bug debris off your car can result in damage over time – miniscule scratches that can catch debris and cause chips or clouding or etching of the finish.

If you’re bugged by all of this, is there an answer that won’t damage your car?  The best thing you can do is to prevent those bugs from getting stuck in the first place.  You could install an auto bra over your front end (which won’t take care of the windshield and instead covers up your beautiful car), or you could call SkipChips, the Minneapolis/St. Paul vehicle protection specialists.  SkipChips is an authorized dealer of 3M premium paint protection film.  This clear auto bra won’t detract from your car’s appearance because it is virtually invisible.  And with an application of Diamon-Fusion windshield treatment, you’ve got an unbeatable combination against insects, bug droppings, tree sap, and mud.  No more abrasives and no more chemicals – bugs and other debris simply wash right off.

Protect your car’s beautiful finish without covering it up.  Call the experts at SkipChips today at (952) 401-4547 and find out about 3M clear auto bra, Diamon-Fusion windshield treatment, and the other automotive protective products they provide.  3M premium paint protection film packages are available for professional installation by 3M-certified technicians or can be ordered as do-it-yourself kits custom cut for your particular vehicle.  SkipChips serves the greater Minneapolis/St. Paul area, including the southern communities Bloomington, Lakeville, and Prior Lake.