Choose Professional Paint Protection Film Installation

Protecting your car’s finish and keeping it showroom-new for years is what paint protection film is designed to do.  In order for it to perform to its optimum potential, professional installation is highly recommended.   Yes, there are kits available for dedicated auto do-it-yourselfers, and there is a wide range of products intended just for that market.  But for the ultimate in paint protection for your car, professional Minnesota installation of 3M paint protection film is your best choice.  And SkipChips is 3M’s certified installer in the Minneapolis metro area.

Each car has unique features, and the wide range of makes and models means that one application pattern doesn’t work for every vehicle.  Our 3M Scotchgard paint protection film installers are highly trained in 3M’s recommended techniques, and they are certified by 3M.  SkipChips uses state-of-the-art computer aided design templates to cut the film for your car, and we never do it on the vehicle, unlike some of our competitors.  Your car gets the specific protection it needs, according to 3M’s specs, and according to our high standards.

Clear auto bra protection for your car is important when you drive on Twin Cities area roads.  When properly and professionally installed by experienced pros like the technicians at SkipChips, your car is shielded from paint chips due to sand, debris, stones, chemicals, etc.  But for you to realize the utmost in protection, it’s important to have it professionally installed.  As an added benefit – you get a five-year warranty from 3M, and in case of an accident, if you can prove you’ve had 3M’s premium paint protection film installed, most insurance companies will include the cost of that as well.

Sure you can do it yourself, but wouldn’t you rather trust your car to a professional? 

Contact the 3M certified technicians at SkipChips today to discuss how professionally-installed paint protection film can help you protect and preserve your car’s beauty for years to come.