It’s Time for Fall Car Care in Minnesota: What Is Your Vehicle Asking For?

With the Minnesota State Fair kick-off, the official end of summer is just around the corner.  That means back-to-school for the younger set, and getting ready for the cooler months for the rest of us.  Part of seasonal prep is maintenance.

Just as your home has seasonal maintenance needs, so does your vehicle.  We tend to put on a lot of miles in the summer – vacation trips, long weekend drives to enjoy the nice weather, special events, and so forth.  More miles means more wear and tear on your car, so it’s a good idea to give your vehicle some extra attention now.

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A New Noise Could Be Your Car’s Call for Help

One area to pay attention to is vehicle noise.  You’re the one most familiar with ‘normal’ noises for your car, so you’re in the best position to observe changes.  While all cars make some sounds (not even electric cars are completely silent), if you’ve noticed any new noises coming from yours lately, your car could be calling out for help.   A new noise is often an indicator of something that needs attention to avoid a serious problem.  Here are some common ones to keep an ear out for:

  • Does the high-pitched squealing noise stop when you press on the brake pedal?  Time to get your brakes checked.
  • Grinding noises instead?  Time to switch out the pads.
  • If you hear thumping that changes rate with the rate of  your speed, it most likely indicates a tire problem that could be a sign of an impending blowout.  Best to have your tires checked.  Most common reasons for this type of noise:  Torn rubber or a bubble in the sidewall.
  • Hissing under the hood?  Could be a loose, disconnected, or cracked hose.
  • Does a squeal emanate from under the hood when you rev the engine?  It’s probably a slipping or worn belt.

Vehicle sounds are almost endless, but these are the most common indicators that your car needs attention.  Fall is a good time to have your car inspected repaired so that you’re ready for the season ahead.  Road trips don’t end with summer!

Time to Take Care of Your Car’s Appearance, Too

After you’ve got your vehicle in tip-top mechanical shape, it could be time to get its exterior ready for fall driving around Minneapolis and other Minnesota roads.  If you haven’t done so already, consider having a clear auto bra product installed, such as 3M premium paint protection film.  And it’s also a great time to have Scotchgard carpet and upholstery treatments applied to protect the interior before those dirty, muddy winter drives threaten your floor and seats.  At SkipChips we can’t help with the vehicle noises, but we can help you keep your car looking good.