Keep Your Car From Looking Old Before Its Time

There’s nothing like the look and smell of a new car just off the lot.  If you’ve recently acquired one of these delights, here are some tips to keep it in mint condition and prevent premature aging.  You’ll enjoy that new-car experience longer, and you’ll protect its resale value.  You may not be able to control Mother Nature or the debris you encounter on the road, but you can minimize their effect on your vehicle with some proactive and protective steps.

Get a custom clear auto bra installed.  There are do-it-yourself kits out there, but we recommend 3M’s premium paint protection film, professionally installed by 3M certified technicians.  Why?  For each installation, the film is custom-cut using computer templates specific to your car’s make and model.  Some paint film installers use films that are cut-to-fit on the car, which can mean potential scratches as well as a less-than-perfect fit.  3M is the industry leader with this product, and it out-performs similar films in resistance to stains, scuffs, chips, and scratches.  Protect the areas of your car most likely to be chipped or scratched – hood, door edges, mirrors.

Treat the interior carpet and upholstery with 3M Scotchgard.  Scotchgard will prevent spills from becoming stains, as well as making clean-up much easier, whether it’s liquid, dirt, or grime.   And keeping spills and dirt cleaned up means less unpleasant odor.

Have your vehicle detailed on a regular basis.  A periodic wash and wax job may remove most of the surface grime, but to do the job right, take your car to a professional detailer periodically.  Detailers handle the inside and out, cleaning out such things as vents and dashes in addition to carpet, upholstery, wheel wells and other hard-to-reach areas.

Get small chips spot-repaired as soon as you notice them.  Small chips left unattended can become bigger because they’re now jagged surfaces more likely to catch flying debris.  And larger chips eventually can become rusted, so the best time to take care of them is when they’re small.  3M’s spot paint chip repair process restores damage by working in small areas – most less than the size of a dime – to fill in and seamlessly blend the repair with the vehicle finish, topping it off with a clear coat that makes the repairs virtually undetectable.

Have a windshield treatment installed.  Not only do windshield treatments such as Diamon Fusion keep your windshield sparkling clear and resistant to chips, scratches, and clouding, they can actually improve and brighten your field of vision by cutting down on the prism effect windshield glass produces.

While nothing can stop your car from aging, with the proper care and preventative attention, you can prolong its showroom-new appearance as well as enhance its resale value. 


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