Major Threats to A Vehicle’s Paint Finish – Clear Auto Bra Foils Them All

A vehicle’s looks plays a big part when it comes to holding its value.  Having a good looking car might not be just for the resale edge, although this is something that is also important; protecting it’s paint from the elements is important regardless of how long you intend to keep it. There are so many thinsg that could ruin the finish or create a ding, dent, scratch, or chip. Here’s a comprehensive list of things that could happen to ruin the paint on your car without you even knowing what happened.

Ash From Wildfires Can Damage Your Car’s Finish

Almost every state is having a problem with these brush fires; when these fires hit, the ash goes all over, and the car seems to get covered. This can be a problem. You might just want to hose down the car and continue on, but this is not the case. This can harm the vehicle’s finish, and it can even cake up in some of the smaller holes. A major threat is that it can scratch the paint. One of the first things that is recommended is installing a clear bra to the vehicle before your car is ever exposed to this hazard. Not only can you wipe it down and keep the original paint intact, but it provides a protective barrier between the vehicle’s paint and the ash outside.

Tree Sap Can Be a Mess to Remove From Your Vehicle

Sap can glob on without a problem and just wiping it away can smear it further. Bug and tar remover can take it off with some elbow grease and a nice soft rag, but why choose to do this when you could have a clear bra put on and not have to worry about scratches from rubbing it down?

Unattended Gas Pumps Could Mean a Nasty, Damaging Spillover

Topping off the gas tank and accidentally letting the gas flow over the car can provide a nice way for it to eat through the paint. It can stain and become hard to get off. Quickly grab some detailer and remove the gas as soon as possible. Make sure to use a clean microfiber cloth to ensure that you do not put scratches there just by wiping it off.  And if you’re prone to having this happen, talk to our certified installers about a custom application of paint protection film around your gas cap area.

Automatic Water Sprinklers Can Shower Your Car With Hard Water Spots

You can get hard spots on the paint if you let it sit under the sprinkler. Once the sprinkler goes on, if your car is there, it gets covered with falling water, which then dries and leaves spots. Avoid parking where the sprinklers go off and save yourself some paint troubles. A professional detailer is able to remove the hard spots, but paint protection film can guard your paint finish against them occurring in the first place.

Acid From Bird Poop and Bug Guts Can Ruin a Car’s Beautiful Paint Job


Bird Splatter

Bug carcasses are very acidic, and if left to dry on your vehicle can cause a problem with your finish.  Bird poop is also acidic, and it can eat through paint if it is not removed before it dries. The seeds and gravel that the birds digest and pass through can also scratch the surface of the paint, which is not a good thing. With a clear bra, you can protect your paint and just hose off the poop from the bra without having to worry about it touching the paint at all. The same goes for bug guts.

With a clear bra installation you can rest assured knowing that none of these problems are actually touching the paint job on your vehicle.  Simply and easily clean off the bra and move forward with life. Talk to the paint protection experts at SkipChips – our trained installation technicians can provide paint protection film and a clear bra installation in Minneapolis for you.