Mileage Tips May Help Ease the Shock of $4 Gas

Gas prices have been slowly inching up toward the $4 per gallon mark in the past 6 weeks.  The cost of most things is going up these days, but gas prices tend to have a big impact.  Working, shopping, entertainment, family functions – all involving some amount of driving.  Car pooling isn’t always an option, it’s difficult to lug bags of groceries onto a bus, and while you do your best to moderate your driving, it’s challenging to have much impact on your vehicle fuel bill.

Or is it?  While you can’t control the price you pay at the pump, there are things you can do to maximize the mileage your car gets.  No matter what its posted average, by taking advantage of some of these things you can improve your own vehicle’s individual gas guzzling.

Tire inflation:  Keep it at the recommended amount for your tires.  And don’t rely on a simple press-in tire pressure gauge.  When you have your tires inflated, use a device with a pre-set pressure limit.  Then you’ll know your tire pressure is where it belongs.  Keeping tires properly inflated can save as much as 3.5% in mileage.

Replace dirty air filters regularly.  Check yours periodically and replace them when dirty or clogged – you can add as much as 10% to your mileage this way.

Regular tune-ups can add up to 4% to your mileage.

Use the motor oil grade your manufacturer recommends.  Motor oil is not a one-grade-fits all product; check your owner’s manual for recommendations for your particular vehicle.  Using the right oil can save you up to 2%.

These four things can add almost 20% to your mileage.  While that’s less than $1 a gallon, think of the savings on a tankful – or a month of driving!  Here are some other things that will help those numbers even more:

Stick with the speed limit – each 5 miles over can cost you about $.25 per gallon.

Avoid jackrabbit starts, and keep the idling to a minimum, even in cold weather.  Today’s cars don’t need long warm-ups.  If your car is going to be idle for more than 2 minutes, shut it off.

Don’t use your trunk for storage – just keep the necessary items there.  Each 100 pounds you carry costs you 2% in mileage.

Protect Your Car’s Resale Value

SkipChips provides driving tips that can help save you money because we know you have better things to do with your hard-earned cash than unnecessary spending.  These tips can also help you keep your car in good working order, which protects its resale value.  Another thing that can help you preserve your car’s value is to take care of it with protective products such as 3M premium paint protection film which shields your car’s vulnerable areas such as the hood and door edges from chips and scratches. 


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