Minneapolis Car Care News: Easy Maintenance Tips for the Fall

Autumn LeavesWhen fall starts to roll in here in the Minneapolis, it means cooler temperatures and more to do to prepare your vehicle for the winter ahead. There are some simple do-it-yourself things you can do without the help of a mechanic. Prepare your vehicle before winter hits and feel comfortable knowing you’re vehicle is protected.

1. Change the wiper blades on your vehicle. Any build-up, rust or damage will be eliminated if they are replaced and ready to go for the snow season ahead. It is an easy, affordable job that requires minimal time to complete.

2. Check the spare tire in the back. You want to ensure that everything looks good on it. This means that the tire pressure is at the right level and that it has a decent amount of tread on it. If you find that it is old, worn out and might need to be replaced – replace it.

3. Get windshield washer fluid that is compatible for the colder months. There are some that include anti-freeze which would be a good option for the winter. Remove the old fluid and replace it with the new fluid.

4. Change the air filter. If you haven’t done this already – since it should be done twice a year – make sure to do it now before the snow comes and temperatures fall. Spring and fall are both great times to swap these out.

5. Check all lights and battery terminals. You want to make sure that no build-up or ‘gunk’ is lying around these areas. You can scrub it off using a special brush that you can get from an auto store. Built-up corrosion on the terminals can result in a faulty connection. Make sure that everything is connected securely and that no lights are on for safety reasons.

We’d like to add one more: schedule an appointment to have a 3M clear auto bra or Xpel Ultimate performance wrap professionally installed before winter hits to protect the outside of your vehicle against the harsh winter elements.