Minnesota Drivers: Do You Think the NHTSA Is Out of Control?

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) plays a big role in vehicle recalls.  While its function in safeguarding drivers is important, recently there has been a lot of talk about the NHTSA being out of control. There have been so many vehicles being recalled that the world is on an all-time high when it comes to those that are being taken back. This means that if any more are taken back and recalled, it will be an all-time record.

Automakers recalled the same number of vehicles that they sold throughout 2012, which totals 14.5 million just for Honda and Toyota. These two are at the top of the chart, even though they are known for their reliability and durability. Honda is already out recalling 2013 vehicles for anything from the brakes to airbags to switch fires that may happen. The most recent recall totaled around 840,000 vehicles; however, this is nothing compared to the amount of Jeeps that have been recalled – 1.6 million. There is now a lot of talk out there on the safety of the vehicles themselves and why the increase in the amount of recalls.

Vehicle recalls are a fact of life and they happen, but there is a lot of talk about technology being pushed so hard now that the acceleration excessive when it comes to moving too fast with the technology that is out there. Seems like everyone is in a rush to do something new and exciting with their brand of vehicle. Another problem is that there are many different parts that are being shared by companies that could result in all of the recalls .  The recent front airbag recall accounts for over 3.5 million Nissan, Honda, Mazda, BMW, and Toyota vehicles. There has also been action by the NHTSA to increase the penalties as well as include other safety defects to ensure that the vehicles are the safest that they can be. Since so many Jeeps were recalled, the NHTSA is still trying to fix the issue and move on; however, there continues to be a lot of heat. This repair could cost billions of dollars to fix on all of the recalled Jeeps.

What’s your take on the situation – is the NHTSA acting in the best interests of US drivers to protect them and demand vehicle safety, or have they gotten out of control?

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