Mistakes That are Made While Detailing a Car

Regular car washing isn’t enough to keep a vehicle looking good.  Savvy drivers know that detailing is an important part of the process.  Some drivers take their cars to professional detailers, but many prefer to take care of their vehicles themselves.  If that’s you, be aware that there are a few mistakes that seem to be commonly made, either from lack of information or just plain wrong instruction.  Here are the most common areas to pay attention to, as well as mistakes to avoid.

Have You Got the Wrong Tools? – This is a common one, even though it might be surprisingly.  Often people will use a rag they have lying around or the brush that was just used to just wash tires.  Instead of using one of these, opt for a soft microfiber cloth to prevent scratches. If you use another type of cloth or brush that’s not meant to be used on smooth surfaces, then you will probably end up with a few scratches.

Time is Key with Chemicals – A lot of the chemicals that are used for detailing need time to actually work since they give off a chemical reaction. You have to know how much time is enough when it comes to putting it on and taking it off. Read the directions thoroughly when it comes to using the product, if you feel like the time is too short, just wait a little bit longer. Better to be safe then have to do it all again.

Let the Chemicals Do the Job – Do not use pressure if you find that the chemicals are not working correctly. If the spot is not removed, do not keep scrubbing until it is removed. You will en up scratching the paint on the car and furthering the damage. Use the right solution for the cleaning or problem you’re having.

Window Towels are a Must – You want to get the windows clean, but if you’re using the wrong towel or rag then they will not be. Microfiber suede towels are usually the ‘go-to’ when it comes to wiping down those windows with the right window solution. You should dedicate these towels to only the windows and use them on nothing else.

Leather and Vinyl Dressing – This is a don’t do. The directions say to use them on both leather and vinyl; however, you shouldn’t believe everything you read. Leather becomes slippery and shiny, and can this product can actually ruin the leather over time. The dressing will bake in the sun and ruin the seats.  Now what do you do? Use it on vinyl, yes;  leather, absolutely not.

Make sure your detailing efforts pass the “WOW” test by avoiding these common mistakes.  Now that your car is looking spiffy inside and out, keep it that way with Scotchgard auto protectants like clear auto bra and Scotchgard for carpet and upholstery from SkipChips in Minneapolis.