Keeping Your Car Protected in Minneapolis Winters

Winter road conditions in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area can make it difficult to keep your car’s exterior clean.  Extended cold temperatures sometimes make car washes impractical, and melting, muddy slush can build up on your car’s paint, scratching and etching its surface.  Anything acidic or abrasive (and that includes sand and some road de-icers) can cause damage to your car’s finish.  Untreated soils and chemicals can cause your car to look old before its time, and what’s worse, can eventually lead to rust.  But with 3M Scotchgard premium paint protection film, keeping your car’s paint looking good is easier, even in the winter. A crystal-clear multi-layer film applied to your car’s most vulnerable areas, this clear auto bra product not only makes it easier to clean your car (most dirt or mud just rinses or wipes off), it is also a very easy product to maintain.  It requires no special chemicals; whatever you would use on the rest of your car’s exterior surface can be used on this clearshield treatment, with the exception of abrasives or buffing compounds.   No special care or equipment is needed, but it you prefer to use 3M products specifically recommended vehicle care,  3M does make a number of cleaners, waxes, and detail cloths. Winter driving on Twin Cities area roads can be challenging.  But with 3M premium paint protection film installed by the 3M-certified technicians at SkipChips, keeping your vehicle looking clean doesn’t have to be difficult, just because the weather is.  Contact the Minneapolis area car paint protection professionals at SkipChips today