Avoid Bumper Dents with Ford's Park Assist; Avoid Paint Chips with 3M Clear Auto Bra

Ford recently introduced a revolutionary feature which has scores of frustrated parallel parkers breathing a sigh of relief.  With Ford’s new “Park Assist,” with the push of a button you can take your hands off the steering wheel and the car will parallel park itself with greater precision and accuracy than most human drivers are able to achieve.  Parallel parking can be a source of anxiety and frustration for many drivers, resulting in minor bumper dings from low-impact taps.  Now with Park Assist, those aggravations are a thing of the past.

Another recurring irritation for most drivers is chipping paint.  Paint chips are unavoidable if you do more with your car than leave it under wraps in the showroom.  In fact, many “new” cars can come with unnoticeable chips from debris encountered during transportation – blowing sand and gravel as well road debris, etc.  Those miniscule chips, undetectable at first, begin to show themselves as the car ages.  A chipped area is susceptible to further chipping, because now there is an irregular surface to catch further debris.  And untreated chips eventually lead to corrosion and rust.

If you’re choosing a new Ford with Park Assist, consider adding a 3M Scotchgard clear auto bra package to protect the most vulnerable areas of your car’s exterior paint –  the bumper, front hood, mirrors, and door edges.  Ford’s Park Assist feature can help you cut down on bumper dents from parking, and 3M’s premium paint protection film product can help you protect your car against paint damage like chips, scratches, and clouding from chemical agents, tree sap, insects, and bird droppings.  If you’re investing your money in a great-looking new vehicle, why not spend a little more and keep that like-new appearance for years to come?

SkipChips is one of only 6 training centers for the application of 3M’s clear auto bra product, the Scotchgard premium paint protection film.  SkipChips technicians are all 3M-certified, and can offer you exterior vehicle paint protection custom tailored to your car’s particular make and model.  And if you’ve already got minor chips and scratches, they also offer 3M’s unique spot paint chip repair process, which allows small chips to be spot repaired rather than requiring an entire vehicle or section repaint.  Call today at (952) 401-4547 to find out how you can protect your new Ford or any other vehicle.  SkipChips serves the entire Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, including Bloomington and Burnsville.