Minneapolis Clear Auto Bra – Cutting Edge Technology Without the Cuts

If you’ve been shopping for a permanent solution to reducing paint chips, scratches, and discoloration on your car’s paint finish, you know you basically have two options – the cumbersome and unattractive vinyl slip-on auto bra, or a clear auto bra applied directly to the car’s paint.  This invisible product – also known as paint protection film – is put on the areas of a car most vulnerable to damage – the front end and bumper, mirrors, and door edges.  Its advantages are that it is always in place – no removing for cleaning, etc.  Also it doesn’t detract from the car’s appearance, unlike the slip-on auto bras.  And in addition to helping reduce chips and paint etching, clear auto bras also help make clean-up from things such as bird droppings, insects, and tree sap easier.

And if you’ve shopped around for clear auto bras, you also know there are a lot of products out there.  At SkipChips in Minneapolis, we’ve also checked the market, and we’re confident that the product we sell and install is the best in the business.  We recommend 3M Scotchgard premium paint protection film.  In our opinion, it’simply the best.  3M is an acknowledged leader in the aftermarket auto products business, and they have put their research expertise to work in developing this clear auto bra.  The technology was originally developed for NASA, and then was put to use for professional race cars.  And now it’s available to the consumer.

Tests have shown that no competitor’s product stands up to 3M Scotchgard clear auto bra.  Nothing  resists staining from such diverse things as permanent marker and tree sap, and it is exceptional in preventing paint chips and scratches, even from shopping cart dings.  One of the advantages of 3M’s premium paint protection film  that the competition can’t offer is the film package itself.  Unlike other products – which must be cut to fit on the car’s surface – this clear auto bra is cut BEFORE installation using computer templates specific to a particular make and model of vehicle.  No on-surface cutting means chances of nicking or scratching the paint while installing the film are eliminated.  If you’re installing a paint protection film to avoid chips and scratches, why risk damaging the paint when putting it on?

These are just some of the reasons that at SkipChips our 3M-certified installation technicians use 3M Scotchgard premium paint protection film.  To find out the options available for your car, call us today at (952) 401-4547.