Mpls Paint Protection News: Honda Accord Named to Car & Driver's Top 10

Once again Honda vehicles are taking top honors.  Not only are they beautiful, durable, and energy-efficient, Hondas have a great safety rating as well as a reputation for holding their value.  If you’ve recently purchased a Honda Accord – rated in the top 10 by Car & Driver Magazine, – you can help preserve that like-new look and value by adding 3M premium paint protection film.  This incredibly durable and scratch-and-chip-resistant invisible protectant is available to Minneapolis area car owners as either professional installation or custom-tailored do-it-yourself home installation kits from SkipChips.

What makes this 3M Scotchgard clear auto bra product different than its competitors?  Not only do independent tests show that it has superior resistance to scratches, chips, chemical damage, and scuffing, but this film is custom produced via computer-aided design techniques.  Templates using specs for each particular make and model of vehicle mean that there’s no cutting of the film on the vehicle, unlike most other paint protection film products.  Since you’re applying this product to prevent scratches on your vehicle, doesn’t it make sense to have all the cutting done prior to putting it on the car?  That’s what 3M had in mind in designing this exceptional protectant, and that’s why SkipChips offers this film exclusively.

As one of only six business development centers for 3M premium paint protection film, SkipChips has worked with 3M in developing its installation techinques, and each SkipChips installation technician is 3M-certified.  If you choose professional installation, you can rest assured that your vehicle is in good hands and that it will receive the utmost in professional attention.  Or if you prefer, you can order a custom kit for do-it-yourself installation.  Whichever you choose, your new Honda Accord or other vehicle will be protected from whatever Minnesota roads might throw at it this spring.

New vehicle?  Contact the car paint protection experts at SkipChips today to find out about vehicle protection options available for and your car.  Older vehicle?  We also do spot chip repair, and follow up with paint protection film application to protect the repaired areas and prevent further damage.  Call SkipChips today at (952) 401-4547.