Mpls Paint Protection News: Volkswagen Dominates Top Safety Pick Category with 9 Models

Great mileage.  Great performance.  Great handling.  Exceptional durability.    Sleek design.    What else could you want in a motor vehicle?  How about an incredible safety rating?  This year Volkswagen dominated the International Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Awards, with the Volkswagen Routan earning top honors, and eight other Volkswagen models earning high marks, including the Passat and the Jetta.  The Routan is the ninth Volkswagen vehicle to earn this prestigious rating.   Volkswagen is committed to engineering cars that are safe to drive, and now leads the American automobile industry in vehicle safety.

Sure, performance, mileage, and appearance are important when it comes to picking the right automobile.  But with Volkswagen you can get all that plus the top-rated safety picks.  If you’re looking at purchasing a Routan, a Jetta, or any of Volkswagen’s other models, here’s another safety tip from the vehicle protection experts at SkipChips, the Minneapolis area’s 3M-certified installers and dealers of Scotchgard premium paint protection film:  add to your new Volkswagen’s safety by having your windshield treated with Diamon Fusion windshield treatment.

Ordinary windshield glass – no matter how new or how high quality – has microscopic imperfections that can distort light and trap dirty water and chemicals, causing etching and clouding over time. This results in decreased visibility, especiallly in rainy conditions.  Diamon Fusion is a multi-step treatment that bonds to and becomes part of the windshield glass, filling in all those imperfections and miniscule scatches, giving you a crystal-clear glass surface that has no light distortion and actually gives you a brighter, clearer vision of the road.  In addition, this durable yet invisible treatment improves your windshield surface.  Water beads up; insects, bird droppings, and tree sap rinse off easily.

If you’re interested in making your Volkswagen or any other vehicle a little safer to drive, contact the vehicle protection pros at SkipChips in Minneapolis today.  In addition to Diamon Fusion windshield treatment, SkipChips also offers other vehicle protectants such as 3M Scotchgard carpet, leather, and fabric finishes as well as 3M premium paint protection film for professional installation by 3M-certified technicians or a custom DIY home kit.  Call us today at (952) 401-4547.