See Your Way Clear with Diamon-Fusion Windshield Protectant

Take a look at the windshields on brand-new cars.  They sure look better than those on older cars, don’t they?  The truth is, with windshield glass, looks can be very deceiving.  While its true that over time windshield glass can become cloudy from chemicals as well as etched from sand and small particles hitting your windshield (and being dragged across it by your windshield wipers), even brand-new windshield glass is less than perfect.  When examined closely, windshield glass has microscopic peaks and valleys, and these are the areas that trap dirty water and catch small particles which can cause scratches and chips.  What’s worse, those same areas can produce a prism-like effect and deflect or diffuse light, creating glare and impairing your vision.

SkipChips, the Minneapolis/St. Paul area’s expert in car protection, would like to introduce you to Diamon-Fusion windshield treatment.  This unique protectant is applied in a multi-step process that actually bonds with the glass surface, filling in those tiny imperfections and producing a smoother windshield.  Among the benefits:

  • Moisture beads up and rolls off much easier
  • No tiny valleys to trap dirty water, which can temporarily distort your vision and over time can produce permanent clouding
  • Bug droppings and tree sap wash off easily

One of the things you’ll also notice after you’ve had Diamon-Fusion applied to your windshield is that your through-the-glass vision is actually clearer and brighter.  This translates into safer driving for you.  You see clearer, meaning you’ll be able to react sooner to avoid potential problems.

Diamon-Fusion:  Safer driving + easier clean-up + better windshield glass

Protect that new windshield with Diamon-Fusion from SkipChips.  And even if you have an older car, Diamon-Fusion can improve your windshield’s condition and make maintenance easier.  To find out more, contact SkipChips at (952) 401-4547.  SkipChips also installs 3M clear bra paint protection film and 3M Scotchgard interior fabric, carpet, and vinyl and leather protectants.   Serving the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area, including Burnsville, Apple Valley, and Lakeville.