New Car? Keep It Looking Good Inside and Out with 3M Scotchgard and Diamon-Fusion

There’s just something about a new car – it looks good, smells good, and just plain feels good to drive.  And with a little extra help from SkipChips, your new car will stay looking good for years to come.  If you’re planning on driving a new car off the lot soon, you should also plan a visit to SkipChips, the Minneapolis area’s leading dealer in automotive protection products such as 3M clear auto bra, Scotchgard interior protectants, and Diamon-Fusion windshield treatment.  The auto care pros at SkipCihps can help you design a custom protection package tailored to your new car.

SkipChips can help you reduce those car care battles like dealing with bug droppings, tree sap, and insects splattering your car’s grille.  And with 3M clear auto bra in place, tiny scratches and chips on your car’s most vulnerable areas are a thing of the past.  Unlike most competitors’ products, 3M’s premium paint protection film is custom cut to each vehicle’s make and model using computer templates.  No on-surface cutting which can add further damage.  And once this virtually invisible clear auto bra is in place, insects and other debris rinse right off.  Your hood, bumper, door edges, and mirrors are protected from all the things the environment, the road, and other drivers can throw at it, including shopping carts!

Add additional protectants such as Diamon-Fusion’s crystal clear windshield treatment and Scotchgard interior protectants and your new car will keep that like-new look for years to come.  Diamon-Fusion reduces chipping, etching, and clouding of windshield glass while actually improving and brightening your view.  And with Scotchgard treatments on your upholstery and carpet, stains from coffee, mud, and other spills are a thing of the past.  They just bead up so you can wipe them up easily.

Keep that new car look you love – contact SkipChips today at (952) 401-4547.  Their auto care technicians are all 3M-certified, and SkipChips is proud to help Minneapolis drivers protect their cars with 3M clear auto bra and other auto care products.