Looking for a New Vehicle in Minneapolis? New-Car Shortages Having an Impact on Car Sales

Have you been new-car shopping recently?  Perhaps you’ve noticed that many of the car lots in Minneapolis are somewhat empty, due to the fact that the auto industry is bouncing back and adjusting to demand. Automakers are not able to produce enough models for the consumers that are looking for high quality, luxury vehicles. Dealers interviewed about this change say that they only stock their lots for two weeks instead of two months like they would normally do. The sales were expected to hit 1.4 million units in August and incentive spending was down to its lowest amount since last January. The limited supplies that the dealers currently have are pushing the prices even higher.

Man Shopping for Cars --- Image by © Royalty-Free/CorbisManufacturers are not able to increase their production since quality would be compromised. This could waste cash if the production is increased, but the growth of purchases suddenly dies down and there are too many models out there floating around. However, the momentum that a lot of dealers have felt with the steady vehicle purchases is quickly dying down since there is nothing out there for customers to purchase.

There are so many desirable features along with low interest rates that make customers want to purchase more expensive, luxury vehicles. These two things justify the higher price tag associated with the vehicles, which then starts the shortages of these vehicles. Deals found on vehicles are hard to come by, even as the annual mark down events come closer since it is the end of summer. Some of the vehicles that are currently facing shortages are the Honda Odyssey, Civic, Suburu Forester, Accord and Chevy Impala.

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