Not Ready to Trade In Your Car? Consider a Face Lift with Spot Paint Chip Repair Mpls

So you’re thinking about trading in your car.  Sure, it still runs great, but its beautiful new looks have faded, and it doesn’t look as sharp as it once did.  Its paint looks dull, and here and there you can detect small scratches and chips.  You’ve done your best to take care of it, but still the damage has been done.  Good news – it’s  not all that difficult to recover that showroom-beautiful appearance.  All it takes is a spot chip repair by SkipChips of Minneapolis.  They use 3M products and techniques, carefully matching your’s existing paint color, and finishing off their multi-step process with a clear coat finish that replicates the original paint job.  We dare you to find the repaired spots!

Most car paint repairs involve large areas of the car, sometimes an entire section for just a few small chips or scratches.  What makes SkipChips’ repairs unique is the spot process developed by 3M.  Repaired areas are often  no larger than a dime, and they are carefully blended in with the surrounding areas.  The result?  Your car can look years younger, beautiful.  Once again its looks can reflect its great performance and you can be proud of your car.

After you’ve had your paint chips repaired, we recommend a professional installation or do-it-yourself kit of 3M’s clear auto bra kit.  This premium paimt protection film is custom cut using computer templates specific to each particular make and model of vehicle.  The film is virtually invisible, and is guaranteed for up to seven years.  Not only are you protecting your car’s front end and other areas from further chip and scratch damage, you’ll be helping to preserve and enhance the value when you decide it is time for a trade-in.

Contact the 3M-certified technicians at SkipChips in the Minneapolis area today to find out how easy it is to give your car a much-needed facelift and keep it looking good afterwards.  Also ask about Diamon Fusion windshield treatment and 3M Scotchgard interior carpet and upholstery protectants to take care of the other areas of your car.