Authorized 3M Dealers and Installers for Auto Paint Protection Film

3M Company is known as a leader for after-market automobile products, and SkipChips is proud to be an authorized dealer for 3M’s premium paint protection film. 

We also carry interior protective Scotchgard products for fabric, leather, vinyl, and carpet.  We understand how important it is to car owners to maintain the like-new look and condition of their cars, not only for appearance but to preserve the trade-in value as well.  Our goal is to provide you with the best protection package to keep your vehicle looking showroom new.  And our 3M-certified technicians can help you select just the right combination of protective products for your particular vehicle.

Whether you’re in the market for a auto clear bra to keep your car’s front end protected from the stones, sand, and debris you’re bound to encounter on Twin Cities area roads, or you’re interested in overall protection for your car’s most vulnerable spots, we have options for you to choose from.  There are even kits available for do-it-yourselfers.  And we also carry and install Diamon-Fusion® windshield treatment, which not only will protect your windshield glass from chips and cracks, it will also actually improve and brighten your through-the-glass vision.

Don’t settle for imitations.

3M was the pioneer in car paint protection films, and they continue to be the industry leader.  SkipChips endeavors to be on the cutting edge of the paint protection industry as well.  We were the first 3M development center for their paint protection film, and we’re one of only six national training centers.

Contact SkipChips today – preserve your car’s beautiful finish today with the best paint protection available, installed by experienced, certified professionals.