Potholes are Upon Us All: Twin Cities Drivers Beware


Photo – The Toledo Blade

Winter was hard on Minneapolis area roads, as evidenced by the potholes around town.  A pothole can be a devastating thing to hit.  Not only does it startle you, but it can damage a lot of things on your vehicle such as the wheels, alignment, steering, suspension, and so much more.

Once you hit a pothole, you should listen for warning signs that something went wrong in the vehicle. If you find them, bring it to a professional right away to have them assess the damage.


Signs of Pothole Damage to Your Vehicle

The vehicle is pulling in one direction – You may have an alignment problem that needs to be addressed. You want your tires to last and have safe handling, without the right alignment it will not last long.

  • You have loss of control over the vehicle – Not only this, but if the vehicle is swaying or bottoming out while bouncing on bumping roads then you might have a steering and suspension problem. This is a big safety issue so you need to have it looked at. The shocks and struts, ball joints, bearings, seals, rod ends, or a number of key components might have been damaged.
  • There is low tire pressure – If there are bulges in the tire or dents on the rims then you want to ensure that you have the tires looked at. You want to ensure that they are safe to handle any driving conditions that lay ahead. Especially since the past winter in Minneapolis was rough.

Since the last winter was rough, there will be potholes and other dips in the roads that you should be aware of. The road repair crews are out there working on them and trying their best to patch them, but you should still be on alert.

If the winter was harsh to your vehicle, you may have some paint damage in addition to mechanical issues.  Skip Chips is able to help you when it comes to making your vehicle look brand new again – we offer a  unique spot paint chip repair process for Minnesota drivers that’s quick, virtually undetectable, and developed by 3M.  SkipChips technicians are 3M-certified.