Prepare Your Car for the Minneapolis Winter Ahead

Attractive Woman Holds Her Cap Isolated on a White Background.Take a few minutes before the seasons change and winter comes upon us to get your vehicle ready for the change. Use these tips to make sure your engine is running and performing as good as it should when the temperatures start to drop. This is just one more thing to do before Jack Frost comes nipping at your nose.

  • Perform the “three P’s” – Protect yourself by checking the safety belts in the car and making sure the car seats are in the right spots. Prevent accidents from happening by slowing down on the road, minimizing distractions and allow yourself more time. Prepare for the winter by performing a regular maintenance check.
  • Keep the fluids going in your vehicle by using the right oil for the winter and for your vehicle. Have it check by a certified technician every few years to ensure everything is running smoothly.
  • Add coolant to the vehicle that conforms to the vehicle type and the winter ahead.
  • Replace the windshield wipers so you can be seen and see out of the window while driving. This should be done annually. If you have a back windshield wiper, check that one as well. Belts and hoses should also be checked for cracks, leaks or frays.
  • Inspect the tires to make sure they have enough tread. You also want to check the tire pressure. Both of these can give you more traction when the roads becoming filled with ice and slush. You’re also able to install winter tires for more peace of mind.
  • Be ready for any unexpected happenings. Do you have emergency must have’s in your vehicle? This includes a flash light, spare tire, jumper cables, flares, shovel, blanket, and so on. Purchase a pre-packaged kit that will come with everything you need for anything that might arise while out driving in the snow.
  • Make sure that your battery is running at the optimal level of performance since cold weather requires the battery to work harder.
  • Make sure the defrosters are working properly and always clean off your side mirrors before going anywhere. You need to make sure you have clear visibility in all of the windows and mirrors.
  • Always allow extra time, have a map and be sure that you let someone know where you’re going. Keep a cell phone handy in case something does happen.
  • Try to maintain a full tank of gas. This helps prevent the gas lines from freezing and it also means that you will have heat if you become stranded since the engine will be the only source of heat.

Winter is hard on cars in Minnesota – inside and out; make sure your car’s interior and exterior are well protected with products from SkipChips.  We offer professional installation of clear auto  bra from 3M, Xpel performance wrap, Scotchgard interior protectants, and Diamon Fusion Windshield Treatment.