Satisfyingly Stylish. Superbly Safe. Subaru.

Combining sleek good looks with an excellent safety rating results in an unequaled driving experience..  That’s what more and more car owners are finding when they choose Subaru.  With a wide range of vehicles to fit any preference, Subaru offers up-to-the-minute styling combined with precision engineering, resulting in a great driving experience that’s as safe as it is good looking.  And Subaru vehicles have a reputation of being long-lasting and low-maintenance.  In the market for a new auto?  Consider one of the new 2012 Subarus.

One of the most exciting Subaru news is the recently-introduced 2013 BRZ, a sports car which Car & Driver Magazine calls “a knockout.”  And with good reason.  From its 17-inch alloy wheels to its high density headlamps to the upswept back end, the new BRZ could really get your motor running.

If you choose this new “knockout” drive, don’t let the wear and tear of Minnesota driving knock out your new Subaru’s good looks.  SkipChips of Minneapolis, the area’s 3M-certified dealer and professional installer of Scotchgard premium paint protection film, has a number of options to help you keep your new wheels looking sleekly good for years to come.  Choose any or all of these great aut0 protection products:

  • Diamon-Fusion windshield treatment – it will keep your windshield protected from chips and scratches while actually improving and brightening your vision
  • Scotchgard protectants for carpeting, fabric, and vinyl or leather – spills just wipe up and won’t stain
  • Scotchgard premium paint protection film (clear auto bra)  – shield your car’s most vulnerable areas from chips and finish dulling due to sand, rocks, tree sap, insects, bird droppings, and a host of other threats

If you bring a new BRZ or any of Subaru’s other stylish models home to your garage, keep it looking showroom-new for years to come and make it a breeze to maintain its good looks.  Call SkipChips today (952) 401-4547 to find out how easy it is to keep your car looking great.  Clear auto bra is available either as professional installation or as a do-it-yourself custom kit