Say Good-Bye to Sticky Auto Interiors with 3M Scotchgard

Summer is just around the corner, and hot weather means cool treats like iced coffee, milkshakes, sodas, popsicles, and ice cream cones.  While those cold refreshers may be enjoyable in the summer months, they also can mean spills and sticky residue inside your car.  Aside from keeping wet cloths and sprays in the car for periodic emergency clean-ups, one of the best things you can do to prevent spills and make clean-ups a whole lot easier is to have the interior of your car treated with Scotchgard protectants.

SkipChips is the Minneapolis area’s leading dealer and installer of high-quality 3M protective products such as Scotchgard interior protectants and premium paint protection film, including clear auto bra kits (available either as a professional installation or a do-it-yourself custom kit), as well as Diamon Fusion windshield treatments.  Scotchgard products are available for carpet, fabric, and leather and vinyl.  While you’re out driving and enjoying the beautiful warm weather, enjoy your car as well.  If you’ve got 3M Scotchgard on your car’s carpet and seats, you don’t need to worry about spills and stains.  Wet spills don’t sink into the carpet or upholstery – they bead right up, preventing stains and making clean-up a breeze.  And sticky, gooey residue from summertime treats is a lot easier to clean up as well, since spills don’t sink in.

Call the vehicle protection experts at SkipChips today to find out more about how you can protect your car and enjoy your summer drives.  SkipChips technicians are all 3M-certified, and they can recommend a custom auto protection package that’s just right for you.  Call (952) 401-4547 in the metro area, or fill out our online contact form.  Keep your vehicle looking good with SkipChips and 3M Scotchgard!