Scotchgard Premium Paint Protection Film (Clear Auto Bra) FAQs

At SkipChips our 3M-certified professional technicians install 3M clear auto bra packages, with components cut using computer templates tailored to each vehicle’s model and make.  This Scotchgard paint chip protectant is the only one we sell – and with good reason.  There is simply no other clear auto bra product on the market which performs like this one.  If you’ve heard about paint protection film, and 3M Scotchgard, you may have some questions.  Here are the most common ones drivers ask us:

Q:  What kind of a warranty will I get with my installation?

A:  3M’s warranty provides that for five years following date of purchase, this film will be free of manufacturing or material defects, and will not yellow, bubble, or crack.  Ordinary wear and tear as well as accidental damage are excluded.

Q:  If I have it removed later, can it damage my paint job?

A:  If it is installed on a completely-cured painted finish, the film can be removed (usually in one entire piece) without causing any damage to the underlying surface.  If you’ve applied touch-up paint, the painted sections MAY come off with the film when removed.  Any professional re-paint job, if cured properly, should not be affected.

Q:  Does cleaning the film require special products?

A:  No, you can wash your car as you normally would; however, avoid any abrasives such as clay.  You do need to avoid washing it for 24 hours following installation.  You may wax over the film, but bear in mind that some wax residue may accumulate at the edges.  This can easily be removed with a soft cloth.  3M does offer a variety of car wash and wax products as well as a detailing cloth, if you prefer to use 3M products.

Q:  Does the paint protection film come in colors other than clear?

A.  No, clear is the only option available; it is intended to be virtually invisible.

Q:  Can I use it on my headlights and windshields?

A:  No the film does not meet DOT requirements for installation on these areas.

Q:  You offer packages for front-end, door edges, and mirrors.  Can I have the film installed on my entire vehicle?

A.  You could, but that would be extremely expensive.  This product has been designed to protect areas that are the most vulnerable to damage from gravel, sand, insects, road debris, etc.  These areas are the most likely to be impacted and damaged; hence the recommended install is to these sections.

Q:  Can I apply paint or clearcoat over the film once it is installed? 

A:  Only at your own risk; it is not recommended.  Scotchgard premium paint protection film includes an OEM-approved clearcoat finish which is not intended to be painted over.

If you have other questions about 3M’s clear auto bra product, please give us a call. 


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