Six Great Products for Car Detailing

As you’re washing and waxing your car to keep its appearance looking good, don’t stop there.  The next step is detailing.  Knowing the right steps in detailing goes a long way to having a consistently great looking car, but the products you use also play a big role. These products are important to the maintenance of your vehicle, but they’ll make your detailing work much easier as well.

Wheel Sealant:  By protecting your wheels with a good sealant, you’ll avoid etching and pitting. Plus, you’ll be shielding your rims from dust and give yourself an easier time of regular cleanings.

Paint Protection:  When looking for good paint sealant, the best bet is to go for modern technology instead of the more traditional carnauba paste wax. Although the wax gives a great shine, it doesn’t protect the surface as well as the more modern products do.

Exterior Trim:  Don’t forget about the rubber and plastic trim on the outside of your vehicle. UV rays cause as much damage to that as any other part of the car. To keep this from happening, apply an exterior plastic sealant to add extra protection and nourishment.

Deodorizer:  Instead of simply covering up unpleasant smells, it’s better to get rid of them at the source. Most products on the market carry a strong scent to accomplish the former. However, when you opt for a non-scented odor eliminator, you won’t need to worry about the foul aroma coming back again.

Protect the Glass:  Sealed glass will provide better visibility for longer because it repels water, sleet and snow, as well as prevents bugs from drying onto the surface. Another bonus to using windshield sealant treatments is that the windows and windshield won’t smudge or streak as much.

Bug Away:  After a long trip, or any period of time in an area where the air is thick with bugs, it comes time to address the grisly task of scraping dead bugs off the front of your car. The next time you’re faced with a trip where suicidal insects are a problem, check your auto detailing store for products which protect against bugs.  The other option is a clear auto bra product such as 3M Scotchgard premium paint protection film.  Once it’s applied, bug removal will be much easier.

By using these products, you’ll save yourself detailing time and help you get your car in the best shape possible.  At SkipChips we’re dedicated to helping Minneapolis area drivers keep their cars looking great.