Some of the Best Roads to Drive On

As approaches, we know that many Minneapolis drivers are planning road trips to view the autumn scenery.  Perhaps you’re planning a trip around Minnesota, but if you’re willing to venture further, we’ve got some suggestions for you.  America has a lot of beautiful places that you can visit, but not all of them have pretty happy roads that you can drive down and actually want to drive down. You might not know where to find these roads, but they do exist. You do not want to drive down roads that might not be worth it. Check out this list to find out more regarding some of the most rated roads when it comes to taking a trip in the fall.

Four Mountain Passes -

Four Mountain Passes –

  • Four Mountain Passes in Southern Sierra Nevada, California – Go up and over the Sierra Nevada mountain range when you take a trip on this breathtaking road. You can go on all four in one day if you’re able to or even just take one or two; they all provide beauty of the wide open road. Go during the summer though since snow can block off a lot of these roads and ice can cause accidents.
  • Kancamagus Highway in White Mountains, New Hampshire – There is around 33 miles of road to cover. Go over many different elevation changes, cruise around sweeping curves, and view beautiful foliage during the fall months.
  • Tail of the Dragon in Smoky Mountains Region, Tennessee – It is also known as “The Dragon” and it is 11 miles of road. It has over 300 curves that can provide fun and excitement. There are many mountain views and you can even drive slow if you want.
  • Route 89/89A in the Grand Canyon Region, Arizona and Utah – This is one place to rough it up and have some fun. There are a lot of unique geological features throughout this drive and every mile along the road provides scenic pleasure.
  • Highway 1 in Big Sur Region, California – The whole road is a beautiful place to explore and look while you drive. There are many elevation points that provide look outs on the cliffs down to the waves. There are so many curvy hills and fun bumps to go over that you will want to repeat over and over.

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