Take Care of Your Car and Your Life – Don't Text and Drive

Photo courtesy of The Greeley Tribune

Photo courtesy of The Greeley Tribune

At SkipChips we’re dedicated to helping Minneapolis drivers protect their cars inside and out, and sometimes that means passing on information to help protect drivers.  There’s a disturbing trend we’d like to bring to your attention, and that’s distracted driving.  One alarming aspect of this trend is texting while driving.  According to a study by the National Safety Council, reports of traffic fatalities resulting from texting may be seriously under-reported.

While many states prohibit texting while driving for any drivers, with others applying the restriction to only under-age-21 drivers, it is apparent that the prohibition hasn’t kept those thumbs off the cellphone while elbows or knees hold the wheel.    And for some, that text is the last action they’ll take before they crash.

In an effort to warn others of the danger of texting and driving, the parents of a 20-year-old Colorado college student recently killed in a one-car accident released this picture of his cellphone screen, showing the text he was in the process of completing when he lost control of his car and died.   They are begging drivers to NEVER EVER TEXT AND DRIVE.  If you even occasionally text while driving, read this story, and then please STOP.  And if you haven’t, don’t consider it, even once.  Whatever that message is, it isn’t worth risking your life, or anyone else’s either.