The Many Things That Can Damage Vehicle Paint (and How to Prevent It)

If you just had a paint job done to your vehicle or have just purchased a new vehicle, you should be aware of what might harm it. Those small things can turn into big things over time if they are not taken care of. You will know how to take care of the paint if you know what kind of danger is out there.

Pebbles and Gravel:  Those small stones  can be a killer when it comes to bouncing up off the road and hitting your vehicle. They create chips in the paint that can lead to further damage every time you go down the road and are hit with them. Avoid these roads if possible or travel down them minimally.

Bugs:  Bugs have acid inside their bodies, which means that if dead insects are left on on the car, the acid can eat away at the paint. You can buy a bug deflector or a bra to deflect the bugs from the actual paint on the vehicle. Some sort of protection is better than none. It might not be attractive but it can save the paint.  A better solution?  Have a clear auto bra product professionally installed on the area most likely to get littered by bugs – your front end.

Dirt:  Dirt is not okay to leave on a vehicle, and not just because it looks bad. It eats away at the paint and can scratch it, especially if there is no wax over the paint. Wash your vehicle at least once a month to get any dirt and debris off it. You may want to wash it more if you live in a relatively dusty area.  Always rinse down your vehicle before washing it with a rag or sponge to avoid dragging dirt particles around and scratching the finish.

Sun:  Sunlight is something that you cannot just avoid all together. You do however, want to think about putting your vehicle in the shade as much as possible. The sun is able to fade the color down from the vehicle. A garage or car cover is good to have around.

Water:  With any kind of moisture comes rust. If the car is left to sit somewhere and neglected, not washed off, or taken care of then rust happens. You should make sure that this does not happen. This is because the frame is not going to be good anymore with rust all over it.  Hard water getting sun-baked onto your car can cause spots as well.

While you can’t completely avoid all threats to your vehicle’s finish, a recommended product to use to protect its most vulnerable areas is the 3M premium paint protection film.  SkipChips offers professional installation by 3M-certified technicians.