The Purchase, Installation, and Maintenance of 3M Clear Auto Bra

If you’re considering protecting your car’s finish with a paint protection film, you may have heard about 3M Scotchgard’s clear auto bra.  Here are the most common questions asked about this premium chip protectant.

Q: Is Scotchgard Paint Protection Film able to for purchased directly from 3M?

A: It cannot be purchased directly from them.  3M recommends professional installation, and SkipChips technicians are all 3M-certified.

Q: How Much is it Going to Cost to Have the Paint Protection Film Installed?

A: Any part of the vehicle that is especially susceptible to damage from bugs, scratches, chips, and so on should be covered with the film. That includes the front end,  mirrors, and door edges.  However, there are so many makes and models of vehicles that we’d prefer to give you price quote based on our unique evaluation of the vehicle that you own.  We offer several levels of protection as well.

Q: Can I install the film myself?

A: While some places may sell 3M premium paint protection film, it  is recommended that a certified installer professionally apply the film for you to ensure it is done properly. If you decide to do the film yourself, you will void the warranty of the film.

Q: Can I get additional information about Scotchgard Premium Paint Protection Film?

A: Yes, SkipChips is very willing and able to answer any and all of the questions that you have regarding this product film and how it can help preserve the appearance of the vehicle that you own.

Q: If the paint on my vehicle has been touched up,can I still have the film put on?

A: Yes, as long as the vehicle was professionally painted and fully cured prior to adding the film. If some touch-up paint was used that was not professionally applied, that paint may come off if the film is removed.  The same goes for a vehicle that has been entirely re-painted as well.

Q: Can a clear coat be placed over the film?

A: The film comes with its own clear coat so it is not recommended that a clear coat be placed over the film. The clear coat on the film is part of the process, soanother layer is not necessary.

Q: How Can I remove swirl or scratch marks from the film?

A: 3M scratch remover or 3M wax can be used. You would do the same for a vehicle that does not have the film on it.

Q: Is there somewhere I shouldn’t put the film?

A: Headlights are the only place that it is illegal to cover with any type of covering. This includes the 3M film.

Q: Can the film be applied over graphics?

A: Yes, the film can be applied right over the graphics on the vehicle. However, when the film is removed, the graphics might be removed as well.

Q: Can the film stick to bumpers or plastic?

A: Yes, it can stick to both.

Q: Can I Use the Scotchgard Film on boats or other watercraft?

A: Any areas that are above the water line can be covered with the film. However, the guidelines for watercraft and boats are different than with vehicles. Speak with SkipChips on the specifications of marine vehicles.

Q: When the film is removed, will it affect my car’s paint?

A: No, it is made so it does not pull up any paint if it is removed. If the paint on the vehicle is protected with a gloss and cured, then there is no chance of losing paint.

Q: Can I get the film in colors?

A: The film comes in only clear. This allows you to show off the color of your vehicle through the clear coat. You to protect its finish  without making major changes.

Q: How do I maintain the film?

A: You should wait to wash the vehicle for 24 hours after installation.  Then regular car washes can protect the film and keep your vehicle looking its best.

Skip Chips is a certified, professional installer of 3M Scotchgard clear auto bra product. If you have more questions about this premium paint protection film and what it can do for your vehicle, please give us a call.