The Right Tools for DIY Car Care

It’s true with car care as with just about any task – assembling the right tools is half the job.  If you want to work on your own vehicle, don’t be tempted to go buy out the entire tool section of the auto parts store.   You might break the bank, and besides you probably don’t need most of that stuff anyway.  But here’s a recommendation from AutoMedia of the 10 best tools you can get so that your car care adventures are as efficient and enjoyable as possible.  They shouldn’t take up too much space in your garage, and they’ll help you get the job done right, with the least amount of frustration and in less time.

SkipChips believes that owning a car and caring for it yourself should be enjoyable.  That’s why we offer a variety of protectants to help make the job easier.  Like 3M Scotchgard for carpeting and upholstery – it makes cleaning up spills on your seats and muck on the floor simple.  It also helps eliminate unsightly and odor-causing stains.  We also do custom application of 3M clear auto bra (premium paint protection film), which not only guards the areas of your car most susceptible to chips and scratches, but it also makes it easy to remove tree sap and those nasty insects which can cover a grill and nose in no time.  You don’t need special chemicals; just an ordinary car wash product will do.  We also install Diamon Fusion windshield treatment, which provides the same clear benefit for your windshield.


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