The Up Side to Garage Organization

If springtime means organizing your garage, you’re probably looking for ideas to get it done quickly and efficiently. Bob Vila published has a slide show full of great ideas like a ceiling hoist for bikes or kayaks and ball claws for basketballs, footballs or volley balls.

More Than Car Storage
Since your garage holds more than just your vehicles, you need to figure out innovative ways to keep everything else you keep in them from damaging the car’s finish. There are two more important reasons to consider innovating organization ideas for your garage.

Hanging things like gardening tools up on racks frees up floor space and prevents tripping on handles.

Unless you and your kids are avid bikers, it can take a while to dig the bicycle out for a ride in your favorite Minnesota state park. Hanging them makes it easier to both store and access them.

After a weekend of cleaning and organizing, you can enjoy a summer full of recreation. without struggling to find places for your car and your gear.